USA Trip

The purpose of my trip, with Edenderry CE, was to help at a
summer camp based in Grace and Peace Community Church, Philadelphia.
This camp gives children, of primary age, the opportunity to enter into a
culture saturated in grace and ultimately serves to demonstrate the love of
Jesus to the community of south Philadelphia. For many of
the kids, this love environment is a distant reality to the world and
homes where they live.

Philadelphia has a large part of my heart,
especially the community of believers at Grace and Peace. This trip was the
fifth consecutive summer that I have had the privilege of helping serve at camp. One thing that I was continually reminded of was the fact that
God in his mercy is able to work in hearts and lives irrespective of  how well prepared
or versed our classes and answers are. I realised that all too often I
place my hope and confidence in how well prepared I am for a situation, and how
skilled I am for a task, rather than rooting my assurance in Christ. through this trip,
I was reminded to ask God for his help and guidance in each
circumstance - I became more aware that I was involved in a spiritual task.

Throughout the summer camp, I was also able to analysis the
influence culture has upon an individual reacting to the gospel. It
was a challenge to articulate the good news of Jesus to children who do not
respect authority or acknowledge God as their father - their experience of
fatherhood is often extremely negative. Overall, the trip was a rich and
beneficial experience for all those involved. The countdown for
summer camp 2017 has begun.

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