Comments from past Students

What past Graduates say about the Irish Baptist College...

  • 'Excellent teaching, good scope for practical experience and unforgettable fellowship, sum up for me my course at IBC.

    Stephen Garrett (Associate Pastor, Whitehead).
  • 'IBC lecturers are not only precise but passionate in their handling of God's truth, sharing their vision as well as their knowledge. I thank God not only for their instruction but for their example.

    Andrew Reid (Spain Baptist Missions)
  • My time at IBC gave me a deeper appreciation and confidence in Scripture. The training has provided me with a Biblical foundation which I now find essential to the work of church planting.

    Sam Devine (Pastor, Limerick)
  • We need to be informed so that we can open ourselves up to the possibility that God might want us to go.... At IBC students are being confronted with that challenge and being prepared to respond through the college's missionary studies.

    Fiona Geiger (AIM Missionary, Africa)
  • Theological study should stretch the mind as well as warm the heart. The courses taught at IBC offer an excellent opportunity for serious engagement with crucial biblical and theological issues, guided by committed evangelical lecturers and backed by extensive library resources.

    Philip Johnston (Theology Lecturer, Oxford)
  • IBC provided me with invaluable guidance on the Bible, both how to interpret it responsibly and communicate it effectively.

    Raymond Banks (RE teacher Carrickfergus)