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The Irish Baptist Historical Society was established in 1968 to encourage the study of Irish Baptist History, to stimulate interest in wider church history, to facilitate the discussion of important theological issues and to assist in the preservation of important records relating to Irish Baptist Churches.

We are, in the words of J.D.Douglas, "the inheritors of a great legacy" and if we neglect church history we deprive ourselves of great benefit.  The history of the church is not simply a record of men, movements and missions it is the story of what God is doing on earth and as such provides us with an almost inexhaustible source of challenge, encouragement and inspiration.  The study of the past helps us to understand the present, it helps us to appreciate our heritage and it provides us with invaluable insight into the will and ways of God.

Each year there are three or, on occasions, four meetings of the Historical Society which provide a varied programme of historical and theological topics aimed at providing information, insight and inspiration.

Forthcoming Meetings:

"Advances in Medical Ethics"

Presented by: Drs Scott & Karen McCloskey

Thursday 9th October 2014 @ 8pm

Windsor Baptist Church, 134-144 Malone Ave, Belfast BT9 6ET

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Papers presented during 2014:

"Born in Dublin - Bred in Belfast"

Presented by: Dr David Luke

Presented: Thursday 13th May 2014

"The history of the Belfast Chinese Christian Church"

Presented by: Wai Kuen Mo

Presented: Thursday 20th March 2014

Papers presented during 2013:

"The Edict of Milan" (Issued in 313 AD)

Presented by: Dr Maurice Dowling

Presented: Thursday 10th October 2013

"Two Bibles in Ireland" (the story of the Bible in Irish)

Presented by: Dr Uel Webb

Presented: Tuesday 14 May 2013

"The Life of David Livingstone"

Presented by: Pastor Robert Millar

Presented: 21st March 2013

Papers presented during 2012:

"The Story of the Titanic"

Presented by: Mr Steve Wright

Presented: 22nd March 2012

"The History of Grange Baptist Church"

Presented by: Mr Norman Wilson

Presented: 15th May 2012

"The Creation of a European Baptist Community: Pan-European Developments from the 1840s to the 1920s"

Presented by: Mr Ian Randall

Date of Meeting: 11th October 2012

"An Evening With Jim Byers and Jim Smith"

Date of Meeting: November 2012

Papers presented during 2011:

"Spurgeon and the Cross"

Presented by: Dr Maurice Dowling

Presented: 24th March 2011

"The Life of William Carey"

Presented by: Dr Ken Scott

Presented: 17th May 2011

"The History of Dunseverick Baptist Church"

Presented by: Mr Alastair McCaw

Presented: 20th October 2011

Papers presented during 2010:

"The History of Great Victoria Street Baptist Church up to 1947"

Presented by: Mr Robert Fitzpatrick

Presented: March 2010

"The Bible College Movement with Special reference to Ireland"

Presented by Dr Graham Cheesman

Presented: May 2010

[Oct 2010] "The Story of the King James’ Bible"

Presented by Dr Samuel Webb

Presented: October 2010

Papers presented over previous years include:

"An Overview of the 1859 Revival With Special reference to Baptists"

Presented by Dr. Joe Thompson

Presented: 2009

"The 1859 Revival in Coleraine"

Presented by Pastor John Gault

Presented: 2009

"The Effect of the 1859 Revival on the Missionary Vision of the Irish Church"

Presented by Pastor Ian Grant

Presented: 2009

"Calvin’s Doctrine of the Holy Spirit"

Presented by Dr. Stafford Carson

Presented: 2009

"Alexander Carson – Lionheart of Tobermore,"

Presented by Pastor Joe Flanigan

Presented: 2008

"William Grimshaw (1708-1763), Yorkshire Baptists, and the 18th century Evangelical Revival"

Presented by Dr Michael A G Haykin

Presented: 2008

"Contemporary Catholicism"

Presented by Pastor Philip Brown

Presented: 2007

"The Concept of the Gathered Church at the Westminster Assembly"

Presented by Dr James Davison


"Baptists in Cromwellian Ireland"

Presented by Dr Crawford Gribbin

Presented: 2006


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