Oct 2015 - IBC team goes to Carrickfergus

Tuesday, 24th November 2015 Webmaster
Image: oct-2015-ibc-team-goes-to-carrickfergus The team was busily involved with the church programme throughout the week. School assemblies were an exciting feature of the week and they were especially involved in connecting into the local area to advertise the opening of the new church building. Through it all, as one team member said, ‘God did a work in my life, he opened my eyes’.

Many useful conversations took place. There were four people who professed faith and are being followed up by the church. In one case the person said ‘I have been waiting for someone to knock my door’. Even a visit to McDonalds’ gave opportunity to present the gospel.

A number of church members worked with the team and they have a list of 80 to 100 follow-up visits to make, please pray.
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